Writer: Mark Vidal '10

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Fall 2015

Journey House

In an instant, everything can change. What used to be a home, is now someone else’s house.

Capturing A Role Model

Erica Nichols did not anticipate the journey on which her camera would take her after deciding to try a new hobby.  

Rob Fukuzaki

Rob Fukuzaki: From Go-Getter to Go-Giver

He has stood alongside some of sports' greatest heroes. From Michael Jordan to Shaquille O'Neal to Tiger Woods - he has told the stories of legends. When the L.A. Lakers won the NBA Championship, he was there. When the L.A. Kings won the Stanley Cup, he was there.

Dion Johnson

Neon Dion

He is an artist whose work is sought after around the world. His use of acrylic paint on canvas is vibrant, masterfully colorful and precise. Just recently, Twitter contacted him and purchased one of his paintings for its art collection.