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Nora Dominguez

Nora Dominguez

"I am so proud to be a product of and privileged to work every day for the University of La Verne — a special place where lifelong learning is at the heart of our educational mission."

The saying “11 campuses, four colleges, one University” is not a superficial slogan for the University of La Verne. It is how we operate throughout our entire University community on a daily basis. A person can visit our La Verne campus and find deeply caring faculty and staff that support individuals from the prospective student stage through to their graduation and beyond. This person can also visit any of our regional campuses and find this same culture. We are consistent and remain the same year after year. Archives show we have been operating this way for more than 124 years.

This part of our culture is special, invigorating, and refreshing in an ever-changing educational world where some of the highest ranking institutions can easily get caught up in the aggressive competition of attaining high enrollment and prestige. Why am I able to describe this experience with such accuracy, assurance, and conviction? Three reasons: 1) I personally experienced La Verne’s exceptional services while completing my degrees 2) Our Kern County Campus in Bakersfield is the farthest north, geographically, yet here you find the same culture. We are interconnected and interdependent, serving each other, our community, and students 3) I know this commitment to our mission is undeniable at all of our regional campuses, which speaks to President Devorah Lieberman’s high-touch approach and engagement with the dedicated leadership of each regional campus director.

Our vision, mission, and core values are deeply woven throughout our University community and are demonstrated in various ways to serve our diverse population of faculty, staff, and students. Lifelong learning is one of the core values at the heart of La Verne’s educational mission. We are committed to promoting education that ignites and facilitates this value.

Technological innovation has spurred the adult population to be connected in ways that demand constant change to remain relevant. Learning is no longer dictated or restricted by place and time to acquire and apply knowledge. At all of our campuses we intentionally promote intellectual curiosity and the importance of lifelong learning through our curricular and co-curricular activities. Each region provides a set of unique opportunities to demonstrate these strengths.

Our faculty skillfully teach our students how to learn, to think critically, and to be capable of original research to prepare them for continued personal and professional growth. Our faculty services provide a platform of continued development to remain on the cutting edge. Our promotion of lifelong learning provides the opportunity for our alumni, faculty, staff, and students to connect theory to practice and to learn by doing. We call it practice ready.Our application of this core value allows us to invest intellectual capital to enhance every community where the University of La Verne has a presence.

I am so proud to be a product of and privileged to work every day for the University of La Verne — a special place where lifelong learning is at the heart of our educational mission.