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A Cut Above the Rest

University of La Verne alumna and business-owner Liliana Andriani ’20 exemplifies dynamic leadership through her community service.

Leadership, like diamonds, has many facets-and, depending on where the light touches, sparkles differently on each point.

Similar to these gemstones, University of La Verne alumni, having spent years being formed and polished in the classroom and beyond, shine brilliantly and exemplify dynamic leadership in their local communities and around the world.

From business owners and political leaders to professional athletes and renowned journalists, our alumni are the embodiment of our university’s four core values: ethical reasoning, diversity and inclusivity, lifelong learning, and civic and community engagement. More than 89,000 worldwide—and counting—alumni have found great success in the workplace as they have incorporated these principles into their leadership practices.

A shining example of the civic and community engagement core value is Liliana Andriani ’20. Owner of Angel’s Jewelers, Andriani was forced to temporarily close her business during the pandemic. Fortunately for her community, Andriani turned this difficult circumstance into an opportunity to serve as the chairwoman of the Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce.

“In my own journey, I’ve encountered obstacles that, at times, appeared overwhelming. Yet, by embracing a resilient mindset, I’ve managed to not only endure but also advance. I would encourage others to embrace setbacks as opportunities for growth, to learn from failures, and to remain adaptable in the face of change,” she said.

Andriani received a proclamation for her community service from Rancho Cucamonga Mayor Dennis Michael, on behalf of the city, after turning her personal high-pressure situation into a jewel of an outcome.

“Remember that success is a journey filled with ups and downs, but by upholding resilience and determination, you can empower yourself to overcome any adversity that comes your way and achieve your goals,” she said.

Andriani is in good company with fellow alumni who are also serving in local California government. Wendy Lau ’98, currently serves as mayor pro tem for the City of La Verne, Silviano “Sal” Medina ’98, ’05, is mayor pro tem for the City of Claremont, meanwhile Kimbley Craig ’98, serves as the mayor of the City of Salinas, and James Breitling ’03, is a council member with the City of Upland.

Another brilliant example of leading from one’s core values is Rita Gallardo Good ’03, MPA ’07. Good is the director of civic affairs for California State University, Sacramento in the Office of Public Affairs and Advocacy and won a Hispanic Lifestyle 2021 Latina of Influence honoree title. Douglas Lusk, JD ’18, was also recognized in CIO Views Magazine as one of the top 10 most inspiring people in legal services for 2022, while Diane Goodman, JD ’84, was recently appointed to serve as a judge in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Whether graduates like Charlie Neff ’10 are leading as Emmy award-nominated producers in the entertainment industry, or serving as educators, artists, administrators, or first responders, University of La Verne alumni are truly a cut above the rest.