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Winter 2015

Janis Dietz

I have been blessed to be part of the La Verne family for almost 20 years.

Bartletti Denis

Through the Lens of A Legend

A bandana-clad gang member who emerged from the Oaxacan jungle approached Don Bartletti and pulled out a foot-long machete as a nearby train roared to life.

Patrick Stluka

A Little Respect

Patrick Stluka and fellow Navy trainers found themselves breaking new ground in the 1970s while stationed in San Diego.

Victoria Keyser

World of Play

Victoria Keyser ’03, ’11 remembers a key moment in her life that prompted her to consider going back to college to earn her degree.

Stephen Fomba

Back to Basics

stephen Fomba ’17 did not mind his daily trek to and from school as a child growing up, even if some days it meant walking as many as 20 miles under the blistering-hot sun. like most living in africa’s Eastern province of sierra leone, commuting by foot was and still is a way of life. but what he did mind was having to make these long trips over the burning, rocky ground completely barefoot.

Charlene Marie King


Charlene Marie King ’87 rode buses all over Los Angeles as a child. Reading as she traveled, she lost herself in the adventures of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.