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Winter 2015

World of Play

“The best thing you can do for a child who is struggling is to be the safe place they can go to tell their story,” says Victoria Keyser '03 '11.

Stephen Fomba

Back to Basics

Stephen Fomba ’17 did not mind his daily trek to and from school as a child growing up, even if some days it meant walking as many as 20 miles under the blistering-hot sun. Like most living in Africa’s Eastern province of Sierra Leone, commuting by foot was and still is a way of life. But what he did mind was having to make these long trips over the burning, rocky ground completely barefoot.

Charlene Marie King


The strength Charlene Marie King gains from helping others keeps her going. “It all comes back to loving people,” she says.

Yolanda Duron

Courting Success

University of La Verne tennis coach Yolanda Duron leads the Leopards to their first NCAA championship tournament competition for the first time in program history.

Jake Warner and His Family

For the Family

The moment he accepted his degree, Jake Warner fulfilled a promise made to his 8-year-old daughter, accomplished a life-long goal and gave his mother her proudest day.

Dion Johnson

Neon Dion

He is an artist whose work is sought after around the world. His use of acrylic paint on canvas is vibrant, masterfully colorful and precise. When asked what it is he does, Dion Johnson modestly responds, “I paint.”

Cardenas Market

Feeding Dreams

With their success, the Cardenas family believes in giving back to the communities they serve. Working within their communities on issues such as education, healthy living, and even early voting sites, Cardenas Markets is as much a corporate citizen as it is a community market.

Joy Lei

Joy Lei

Since I began my position as the inaugural Chief Diversity and Inclusivity Officer (CDIO) at University of La Verne two years ago, I often get asked the question: “So…what is it that you do?”

Alvin Chang

Cerpassing Expectations

From student to entrepreneur, Alvin Chang '01 has come full circle as he proudly introduces the headquarters of his multimillion dollar company, Cerpass Technology Corporation to his alma mater.

Ross Mathews '02

High Pitched

Ross Mathews ’02 never anticipated the last day of his internship becoming the first day of the rest of his life.

Working With Both Mind & Heart

While religion was always a part of his life and family upbringing, Richard Rose was not planning to make a career of it. Tragedy changed that.