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Spring 2016

The Man Behind the Smile

His international influence on business and economics has taken across the globe over the last half century. Yet his heart and his home remain in La Verne, where generations of students have been inspired by his unparalleled devotion. Dr. Ahmed Ispahani's philosophy on life has made him University of La Verne's icon.

Issam Ghazzawi

Uncovering the Inner Entrepreneur

As someone who is passionate about teaching, research and community service, I came to the University of La Verne 10 years ago because I saw an opportunity to expand my involvement in all of these areas. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

Lenore Moreno

Racing Onward

First she claimed two NCAA national championships in the indoor 5,000-meter run and the outdoor 10,000 meters as a student-athlete at the University of La Verne.

Jonathan Reed

Balancing Trust And Action

Maintaining focus as a college provost is a challenge requiring a delicate balance of action and delegation, and the University of La Verne’s No. 2 administrator says that is a skill he is always trying to refine.

Heidy Contreras' Hands with Cockroaches

A Return to Roots

Her love of biology stemmed from the wildlife of Guatemala. Now Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Heidy Contreras hopes to one day share that inspiration with her students through summer programs in the Central American nation.

Brain Matters

It was a pure adrenaline rush simply walking into the operating room. As he scrubbed in for the first time, all he could think about was what he was soon to experience. 

Christopher Kahn

Homeward Bound

Mannerisms and accents vary among the people Christopher Kahn '16 encounters in his travels around the world as a captain in the U.S. Army.