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Spring 2022

An Eye Toward the Future

Driven by a discovery about her son, alumna Hana Saad Alarifi develops cutting-edge tools to help diagnose autism in children.

La Verne College Goes to War

La Verne College Goes to War

Students responded to the effects of World War II with resiliency, and the global conflict created a commitment to educating veterans within the university community that continues to today.

Victor Hernandez

Bearing Fruit

Alumnus Victor M. Hernandez creates greater equity and opportunity for farmers from underserved communities throughout the state of California.

Alberto Roman

The Great Equalizer

Alumnus Alberto Roman navigates the challenges of leading the largest community college in the state with lessons from his degrees in public administration.

Morgan Sandler

In Focus

Students in the digital media program leverage their talents to help nonprofits in need of professional—and compelling—videography work.

Bob Miller

Petal to the Mettle

As president of the Tournament of Roses Association, alumnus Bob Miller kept some of Southern California's most beloved traditions afloat through two tumultuous years.

In Pursuit of Well-Being

In Pursuit of Well-Being

From philosophers to cartoonists, humankind has long attempted to define well-being. Within the university community, the concept is brought to life through varied and vibrant lenses.

College of Law clinics

Justice for All

Two hands-on legal clinics in University of La Verne’s College of Law provide students with real-world experience helping disenfranchised clients and critical lessons in self-care.

Brian Clocksin

In Conversation with Brian Clocksin

Brian Clocksin, PhD, is the vice provost for strategic initiatives for the University of La Verne. He leads the academic planning for the new College of Health and Community Well-Being—the transformational initiative of the university’s 2025 Strategic Plan—which launches this summer.

Loren Dyck

Finding His Strengths

Professor Loren Dyck pursues well-being through his passions as an award-winning bodybuilder, researcher, and all-around academician.

Spring 2022 Bookshelf

Find your next favorite book today by discovering what our faculty experts have published in our newest digital exclusive, The Bookshelf.

Margarita Gomez-Nadin and Andre Bossieux

Well-Being Champions

Two alumni use their personal strengths and experiences to uniquely benefit the well-being of others.