Writer: Alexandra Clayton

Voice Magazine / Alexandra Clayton
Spring 2022

In Conversation with Brian Clocksin

Brian Clocksin, PhD, is the vice provost for strategic initiatives for the University of La Verne. He leads the academic planning for the new College of Health and Community Well-Being—the transformational initiative of the university’s 2025 Strategic Plan—which launches this summer.

Margarita Gomez-Nadin and Andre Bossieux

Well-Being Champions

Two alumni use their personal strengths and experiences to uniquely benefit the well-being of others.

Student Innovations Become Cash for Charities

Faculty and students from the College of Business and Public Management’s Integrated Business Program found innovative ways to teach and to sell their products during the pandemic. Each group’s profits directly benefitted communities affected by the pandemic, including restaurant workers, students, and families of all backgrounds.

The New Normal

Normal 2.0

When the pandemic is finally in the rearview mirror, what will "normal" look like? Four Leos respond.