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Spring 2023

A Lasting Legacy

The historical legacy of the University of La Verne is examined through key defining moments from the university’s past and present with each milestone lending guidance for the university’s future.

Bruce and Stan

Dynamic Duos of Planned Giving!

Planned giving is one of many ways to support the University of La Verne. These legacy donations provide impact for years—often decades—after the initial gift.

Devorah Lieberman

A Portrait of Success

University of La Verne President Devorah Lieberman reflects on her dozen years of leadership, the values that inspired her throughout her service, and the memories she will cherish as she closes her chapter in the university’s presidential history.

Golden Voice

Bob Dyer '63 was the voice of Leopard Athletics for more than three decades. Today, he reflects on both his legacy and the one the University of La Verne has created in the region.

Dana Ealey

Soaring in Service

Alumnus Dana Ealey, MS '96, is prepared to touchdown on an exciting career working in a variety of government organizations.

Henry Halpern

Henry Halpern: A Collection of Jewish Life

Learn about the conservation efforts taking place from the Cultural and Natural History Collections on a historical donation of folk-art sculptures from the Malgert Halpern and Irving Cohen family that depict Jewish life and culture in pre-World War II Ukraine and the United States.

Al Clark

In Conversation with Al Clark

Al Clark, PhD, is a professor of humanities at the University of La Verne and the driving force behind the university’s Oral History Collection.

Spring 2023 Bookshelf

Find your next favorite book today by discovering what our faculty experts have published in our newest digital exclusive, The Bookshelf.