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Fall 2016

Cool Storage

Sabertooths, sloths, and tapestries, oh my! Take a peek behind the curtain of the wide-ranging Cultural & Natural History Collections on campus.

Repeating History

Repeating History

When University of La Verne head football coach Chris Krich approached what would be a historic 2015 season, he encouraged his players to put others first and learn the value of sacrifice.

Gary Colby

A History of the Arts

Four professors descended on the University of La Verne in the late 1970s and 1980s to reshape programs in art, music, theatre, and photography.

Paul Egly

A Judge’s Dream Realized

Signs of Paul Egly's days as a judge and college dean dot the decor of his Laguna Beach home. Editorial cartoons from the Los Angeles Times depict his 1970s fight for desegregation in Los Angeles public schools.

Al Clark

Speaking of the Past

The study of history can be fun or boring, a delight of understanding or a sad list of names and dates, but it is always significant.


A River Runs Through Them

Corlan Ortmayer Harrison '79 has more than blood flowing through her veins. She also has gallons of river water.

Public Admin Faculty 1987

Paying Dividends

Professor of public administration Dr. Jack Meek reflects on the incredible growth of the College of Business and Public Management during his tenure.

Tony LaFetra

A Gift to Education

Anthony "Tony" LaFetra rose slowly amid smiles and thunderous applause, surrounded by fellow community leaders and educators.