Writer: Matt Hutaff

Voice Magazine / Matt Hutaff
Spring 2023

Golden Voice

Bob Dyer '63 was the voice of Leopard Athletics for more than three decades. Today, he reflects on both his legacy and the one the University of La Verne has created in the region.

Morgan Sandler

In Focus

Students in the digital media program leverage their talents to help nonprofits in need of professional—and compelling—videography work.

College of Health

A Future of Health and Well-Being

The planned fifth college of the University of La Verne will focus on preparing a diverse healthcare workforce for the region's population.

Ashley Lipson

Code of Law

Professor Ashley Lipson argues for the defense of a quality law education through common-sense coursework and groundbreaking video game technology.

Jessie and Tina Rodriguez

Living the Flip

Reality TV host. Entrepreneur. Real estate investor. Alumnus Jessie Rodriguez embodies reinvention in both personal and professional life.

Man on the Run

Former track and field athlete Michael Sacoto ’12, MSLM ’15, clears hurdles to educate high school students on the need for health care professionals in Southern California.

Tyler Davies ’07


A lifelong fascination with flying led Tyler Davies ’07 to become part of one of the world’s most elite fighter squadrons.

Robert Ruiz

Great Debate

Robert Ruiz ’05, ’08 has a singular voice and he is using it to inspire a generation of award-winning debaters at the University of La Verne.

Felicia Beardsley Holds Skull of Sabre-Toothed Cat

Cool Storage

Sabertooths, sloths, and tapestries, oh my! Take a peek behind the curtain of the wide-ranging Cultural & Natural History Collections on campus.

Christopher Kahn

Homeward Bound

Mannerisms and accents vary among the people Christopher Kahn '16 encounters in his travels around the world as a captain in the U.S. Army.