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Fall 2017

Rags to Robes

A pivotal moment in Winston Keh's life came when a man handed him change on the streets of the Philippines. Now Keh ’99 hands down justice as a judge in San Bernardino County.

Tyler Davies ’07


A lifelong fascination with flying led Tyler Davies ’07 to become part of one of the world’s most elite fighter squadrons.

Seta Whitby

Hard Drive

Seta Whitby’s ambition to do something with her life after high school led her on a journey from Lebanon to La Verne, where she has become a respected and beloved computer science professor.

Track and Field

Starting Line

Coach Kevin Reid’s current hurdle is preparing the track and field team for its first meet in January.

Painting "Nevertheless... They Persisted"

The Colors of Culture

A woman with flowing blue tresses and Aztec earrings stands tall outside the Landis Academic Center, looking west. She is not a student, professor, or staff member. She is the University of La Verne’s new mural, titled “Nevertheless…They Persisted.”

Heshmat Mirsepassi

Fulfilling a Promise

Retired aerospace engineer Dr. Taghi Mirsepassi came to the University of La Verne in 2017 to fulfill the wishes of his late wife, Heshmat. Dr. Mirsepassi’s mission has yielded an endowed scholarship fund that will help students achieve their dreams.

Seann Nicols

The Business of Heavy Metal

Raw talent is not always enough to survive in rock and roll. That is why Seann Nicols ’16 is pursuing a Master of Business Administration while working as a touring musician, including a stint as Quiet Riot’s lead singer in early 2017. He is seeking an edge that will help his music career.

Beverly Foster

Foster’s Care

A family crisis turned into a life-changing opportunity for Beverly Foster ’04, ’06, who runs a training center for young adults with special needs in Kern County. It is a site that will give her students a chance at technology careers, a cause so noble it convinced the White House to provide financial support.

Police Chiefs Lisa Rosales, John Curley, and Nick Paz

Protect and Serve

It is a tumultuous time to be a police chief, but four University of La Verne alumni see opportunity in the challenge.

Robert Ruiz

Great Debate

Robert Ruiz ’05, ’08 has a singular voice and he is using it to inspire a generation of award-winning debaters at the University of La Verne.


Lyceum @ La Verne

The University of La Verne's Lyceum series of performing and visual arts will feature exhibitions of student art, music, and writing throughout May.

Wendy Lau

Lau’s Army

Alumna and Trustee Wendy Lau is committed to giving back to both the university and community of La Verne, crediting the school with putting her on the path to personal and professional success.

Kevin Marshall

Kevin Marshall

I am encouraged and comforted each day as I stroll about our diverse, yet integrated landscapes of academic life at the University of La Verne.

Felicia Beardsley Holds Skull of Sabre-Toothed Cat

Cool Storage

Sabertooths, sloths, and tapestries, oh my! Take a peek behind the curtain of the wide-ranging Cultural & Natural History Collections on campus.

Repeating History

Repeating History

When University of La Verne head football coach Chris Krich approached what would be a historic 2015 season, he encouraged his players to put others first and learn the value of sacrifice.

Gary Colby

A History of the Arts

Four professors descended on the University of La Verne in the late 1970s and 1980s to reshape programs in art, music, theatre, and photography.

Paul Egly

A Judge’s Dream Realized

Signs of Paul Egly's days as a judge and college dean dot the decor of his Laguna Beach home. Editorial cartoons from the Los Angeles Times depict his 1970s fight for desegregation in Los Angeles public schools.