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Winter 2015

Back to Basics

stephen Fomba ’17 did not mind his daily trek to and from school as a child growing up, even if some days it meant walking as many as 20 miles under the blistering-hot sun. like most living in africa’s Eastern province of sierra leone, commuting by foot was and still is a way of life. but what he did mind was having to make these long trips over the burning, rocky ground completely barefoot.

Charlene Marie King


Charlene Marie King ’87 rode buses all over Los Angeles as a child. Reading as she traveled, she lost herself in the adventures of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

Yolanda Duron

Courting Success

University of La Verne tennis coach Yolanda Duron prowled the Claremont Biszantz Family Tennis Center courts, quietly analyzing the matches while giving advice to her players. It seemed, on the surface, like just another competition day on a hot May afternoon.

Jake Warner and His Family

For the Family

Jake Warner ’14 earned a degree through the CAPA program, making his mother proud and setting an example for his daughters.

Dion Johnson

Neon Dion

He is an artist whose work is sought after around the world. His use of acrylic paint on canvas is vibrant, masterfully colorful and precise. Just recently, Twitter contacted him and purchased one of his paintings for its art collection.

Cardenas Market

Feeding Dreams

Jesus Cardenas arrived in the United States from Jalisco, Mexico in 1957. He began working in the fields as a farm worker, toiling the land and dreaming of starting his own family business.

Joy Lei

Joy Lei

Since I began my position as the inaugural Chief Diversity and Inclusivity Officer (CDIO) at University of La Verne two years ago, I often get asked the question: “So…what is it that you do?”

Alvin Chang

Cerpassing Expectations

From student to entrepreneur, Alvin Chang '01 has come full circle as he proudly introduces the headquarters of his multimillion dollar company, Cerpass Technology Corporation to his alma mater.